Stephen Drennan (steviecat) wrote in bypasszine,
Stephen Drennan

Arty # 19

Arty fanzine was started in April 2001 by Cathy Lomax as a reaction against the impenetrability of the established art publications. It's a space where artists (rather than academics or critics) can write (or draw) about art. Each Arty has a theme, and # 19's is children : a kid in a hoodie and a cap stares out from its cover. Inside, there's a drawing of some nice-looking stuffed toys by Marcus Oakley; Paul Murphy illustrates his own piece on toys he owns - like a handmade bear pencil case bought cheap off a possible junkie; there's an examination of the every-so-often playground craze scoubidou (weavable plastic laces) - and something by Cathy Lomax on kids in bands : Musical Youth, Minipops, The Stupid Babies. Plus there are contributions from Damian and Delaine Le Bas. 1963-born Damian draws stuff he remembers - a Dalek, Ken Dodd, Batman and Robin - whilst Delaine's interviewed about the childhood imagery in her work, and recollects being an outsider at school and befriending the similarly ostracised, railing against those involved in "contamination on the highest level" of children's minds : "You are not born ignorant; it is a series of lessons that are taught by people that should know better."
An anthology of excerpts from issues one to sixteen, Arty : Greatest Hits (Transition Editions, ISBN 0-9548954-1-X) is also available for £11 inclusive - see the www. address below.

Bought : 13th August 2005.
Size : A5. 56pp.
Price : £2.50 (add 50p for p&p).
Address : 22 Cassland Road, London E9 7AN.
Web address :
Also available from : Permanent Bookshop, Bedford Place, Brighton.
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