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Stephen Drennan

Applejack # 2

"It's still free, and we still swap !", says Applejack's Elodie Roy/E.A.R., whose lovely distinctive handwriting is much in evidence within this black thread-bound music 'zine. The other contributors to this second issue are Fyram, Rafff, Laser Boy and Ciggie.
Contents : Jeffrey Lewis in conversation; Candy Panic Attack, whose piece is on a squared paper background (saw them in Brighton several years back, at a Ladyfest benefit); Morgan; and part two of the Anton Newcombe interview started last time round. Plus reviews of "disques" - Elliott Smith, Megadeth and a Bowie tribute compilation give a sense of the range; there's Mable's Husbands too, whose name evokes mid 'eighties literate indiepop, though I've never actually heard (of) them. Sensibly, the reviews are rationed out throughout the 'zine (two double-page spreads) rather than being in a block, too many write-ups all at once.
All in French - I'm no expert but can just about grasp the meaning here and there, get the gist... fascinating to learn the word "Autoproduit", which I guess means self-released. Manual typewritten text on the cover, word-processed inside - though with that nice old school cut 'n' paste appearance : you can see the scissor marks ! The 'zine has a neat graphic - purloined from who knows where, instant-steal style - of a hand holding a flaming match; as well as little drawings of a broken heart and glue tube; a cassette; and a glass with a drinking straw. Felt pen dotted line borders surround the text on one page; and numerous handwritten-by-Elodie words have been chopped out and stuck into position to create borders on the two review spreads.
This arrived in a brown C5 envelope, which appealed to this enjoyer of stationery and technology : there was a "PLEASE TEAR OFF" corner revealing a red plastic string (glued to the inside of the envelope) to pull to slit the long edge.

Received : 23rd July 2007.
Size : A5. 24pp.
Price : Free.
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